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The wrong price was initially listed on the website but has been corrected to $95 per night. If the hotel tries to charge you $99 per night or tells you that there are no double rooms left (there are!), please contact us as problems making reservations have been reported. Parking and internet for the rooms are free this year. There may be a fee for parking listed on your reservation confirmation but this will be removed by the hotel.

Also, it seems that business has come back for the hotel and they are expecting several cons, unions, and dances that weekend. The room allocation was cut back for this year so everyone should probably get their room soon. If we run out of rooms early, we can add more. If we wait too late....

The phone number for room reservations is 727-894-5000

The panel rooms and con suite are moving.

It seems the Parlor suite we normally use for our hospitality suite, as well as the other two in the hotel, are not available. The hotel offered to move the suite into a function room downstairs. Knowing that we like everything close, we got them to move everything into the same area - suite and two panel rooms. We are going to be in the HTC area but we don't have the exact room numbers yet.

Hotel floor map

We think this will actually work well. The panel rooms will be larger so that we can get more or less in a large circle, and no one has to perch on the edge of the bed. The suite will be a bit of a challenge in that there will be no running water but the hotel will bring in a fridge and pitchers of water. We've have asked for a combination of banquet chairs and heavy chairs as well as cocktail tables.

We will be sharing the area with Necro Gaming Day on Saturday. They will have use of the con suite for Saturday. They will provide snacks, we will provide drinks.

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