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After 18 years Vidcon has changed its name to SouthernMediaCon. We felt we needed a new name that better described who we were.

So, same con, on the same body of water, different name.

Our new community here on dreamwidth is [community profile] southernmediacon. This community will be left up for a little while to direct people over to the new comm and then it will close.
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The wrong price was initially listed on the website but has been corrected to $95 per night. If the hotel tries to charge you $99 per night or tells you that there are no double rooms left (there are!), please contact us as problems making reservations have been reported. Parking and internet for the rooms are free this year. There may be a fee for parking listed on your reservation confirmation but this will be removed by the hotel.

Also, it seems that business has come back for the hotel and they are expecting several cons, unions, and dances that weekend. The room allocation was cut back for this year so everyone should probably get their room soon. If we run out of rooms early, we can add more. If we wait too late....

The phone number for room reservations is 727-894-5000

The panel rooms and con suite are moving. )
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July 16-18, 2010
St. Petersburg, FL


Vidcon 2010 membership is only $40 until July 1st, $50 at door. Vidcon membership includes:

* All panels and workshops
* Access to our well-stocked consuite
* Dinner Friday and Saturday night will available for $15 each night. Reservations for each dinner must by made by July 14th.

You may pay by check, money order or by PayPal.

Send checks or money orders made out to Vidcon or Stone Hill to:


To pay by Paypal go to the Vidcon page at the Stonehill website.

Hotel Information

Name Hilton Bayfront
Location 333 First Street South
St. Petersburg, 33701
Tel: 727-894-5000
Fax: 727-823-4797
Price $92 a night for 1 or 2 people,
$102 for triple, $112 for a Quad.

Reservation Information

There is not a link for reservations since we are a small group, but you can call 727-894-5000 and make your reservation now!

Hotel website

Con Activities

Vidcon starts at 3:00 p.m. Friday and ends at 4:00 p.m. Sunday. The schedule includes fan panels, trivia contests, a Vogon prose reading, Welcome Party, songvids, and bloopers.

Here is a Panel List for 2010. Things may change, so check back from time to time.

Meta Panels
Guilty Pleasures
Bitching on the Net - Fandom Wank, Fandom Secrets, Fandom Rants
Geek Culture
Surviving Celebrities
What Every Fan Should Watch / Read
Movies 2009-2010
Reboots 2010 - What worked, what didn't
Future of Fandom
Jumping the Shark
Urban Fantasy - TV, Movies and Books
Two Sides to the Story
Fannish History
Why Did You Make Me Watch That?
SyFy Saturday Night - the best in B Movies
Cons - What's Out There?

Harry Potter Wrap Up
Stargate Universe
Big Bang Theory
Dr Who
Supernatural - Following Armageddon
Unscripted Shows
CSI Takes Over TV
White Collar Dilemma - Happily married and slashy
USA Shows

Workshops and Events
Friday Dinner - Potato Bar
Saturday Dinner - Italian
Family Feud Trivia Contest
Song Vid Showings - Fri and Sat
Vogon Prose Reading
Tips and Tricks for Better Fanfic

Vidcon Yahoo list

Anyone who joins the Vidcon list can suggest panels. If you suggest a panel, be prepared to lead it.

The Vid Room shows old shows, new shows, song vids, and anything you'd like to share. The vid room schedule will be announced at the Con.

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